(To be proposed at the Demcoratic Party Precinct Convetion for Precinct 1234 - March 7th)

WHEREAS, members of the lesbian and gay community continue to be targets of discrimination; and
 WHEREAS, such discrimination is based on individually-based prejudices and interpreted religious beliefs that not all Americans share; and
 WHEREAS, one of the foundations of our nation is that one’s religious beliefs cannot be legally imposed upon others; and
 WHEREAS, members of the gay community continue to be the target of hate crimes; and
 WHEREAS, sexual orientation has no bearing on a citizen’s integrity and patriotism; be it therefore
 RESOLVED, that all benefits and legal entitlements available to heterosexual couples should be made available to homosexual couples; and be it further
 RESOLVED, that hate crimes laws be strengthened to include crimes against gays and lesbians and be reliably enforced.