(To be proposed at the Demcoratic Party Precinct Convetion for Precinct 1234 - March 7th)

WHEREAS, Texans want business to be encouraged to operate and employ in our state; and

WHEREAS, health insurance costs have become quite burdensome to employers; and

WHEREAS, health insurance costs, as well as health care costs, are beyond many Texans’ financial reach; and

WHEREAS, healthy citizens are contributing citizens; and

WHEREAS, the “pursuit of happiness” requires good health; and

WHEREAS, people who do not seek health care often spread disease; and

WHEREAS, insurance companies, being businesses, must work to protect and increase profits even when doing so is to the detriment of the very health care they are meant to make possible; and

WHEREAS, Texans are proud to be leaders in doing what is moral and commonsensical; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Texas Democratic Party support the establishment of a universal single-payer, state health care system in Texas that can serve as a model for the rest of the nation; and be it further

RESOLVED, that such a system be publicly financed but privately delivered; allow people to choose their own health care providers; provide preventive health care, dental care, mental health care, vision care, and affordable prescription drugs; and make health care available to everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions, status of employment, or income level; and require every Texan to participate in this state pool.