(Courtesy of Park Cities / Central Dallas Democrats)

The 411


Any individual living in that precinct who has voted in the Democratic Primary Election, whether in Early Voting or on Election Day


On Primary Election Day, March 7th, at 7:15pm


At your precinct’s polling place


A meeting of Democrats who live in a particular precinct to:

  1. Elect the delegates allotted to that precinct for the Senatorial District Convention on March 25th
  2. Adopt resolutions to be submitted to the Senatorial District Convention


Your precinct chair will tell you the number of delegates apportioned to your precinct. This number is based on votes in your precinct for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in the 2002 election. The same number of Alternate Delegates must be elected as well. Precinct members who voted in the Democratic Primary are eligible to be nominated as

Delegates to the Senatorial District Convention, even if they are not present at the Precinct Convention. Only those present may vote for nominees.

Resolutions may be submitted in writing by any precinct member present. Participants discuss, amend, table, and/or approve each proposed resolution.



  • Be an active member of your party and precinct.
  • Meet and encourage other activists.
  • Learn what issues are important to your community.
  • Educate your community about your political issues.
  • Gain support for resolutions you are advocating, possibly impacting the State and/or National Platform.
  • Be elected as a delegate to the Senatorial District Convention.
  • Send like-minded participants to the Senatorial District Convention.
  • Show your precinct chair that he/she is not alone.
  • Find out how you can help your precinct chair.
  • Suggest or sign up for activities to mobilize your precinct to vote Democrat in the November elections.
  • Affect the outcome of the election of a Texas Democratic Party Chair in June.
  • Have fun; enjoy the company of dedicated neighbors; network; get the latest gossip from your neighborhood.