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Don't forget to vote Tuesday March 7th at NORTH DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL and be sure to attend the precinct convention. Polls open at 7:00AM. Polls close at 7:00PM. The precinct convention starts at 7:15PM.

Endorsements from the Precinct 1234 Chair

U.S. Sen. Barbara Ann Radnofsky -
U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson -
Gov. Chris Bell -   more »

View Article  Why Tom Malin must go

Tom Malin will hurt the Democratic Party and hurt himself if he wins the Democratic Primary on March 7th. He won't withdraw. So, we must vote against him on Tueday so that he will not be a target for the Republicans that will drag down our entire ticket in November.

Below you will find audio files (available for podcasting as well) from a recent radio show on which Tom was a guest that will substantiate my reasons we need Tom Malin off the Democratic Party ticket. ...

   more »
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Turtle Creek Democrats
The home for Democrats in Precinct 1234, Dallas, Texas.
Geoff Staples, Chair

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