Tom Malin will hurt the Democratic Party and hurt himself if he wins the Democratic Primary on March 7th. He won't withdraw. So, we must vote against him on Tueday so that he will not be a target for the Republicans that will drag down our entire ticket in November.

Below you will find audio files (available for podcasting as well) from a recent radio show on which Tom was a guest that will substantiate my reasons we need Tom Malin off the Democratic Party ticket.

I first became aware of Tom Malin when I received a phone call from a fellow Democrat wanting to know who he was. Tom had filed for Texas House District 108 and no one seemed to know who him. I was called because he lives about three blocks down the street from me on Turtle Creek.

The first thing I did was call Tom. He knew he needed at least $300,000 to run - which is more than many first time candidates know. He wasn't great on the issues. But, he was ready with an effective stump speech by the time I actually met him a few days later at Sally Garcia's New Year's Day get together. He was a quick study on the issues.

The District 108 seat is currently held by a Republican. So, the worst that could happen would be that Tom would make the Republicans spend a lot of money defending their seat - which would help other Democratic candidates on the ballot - or so it appeared.

Unfortunately, Tom self-destructed.

Tom got cross-wise with several well-known Democrats. He should have let it go or had someone else do the heavy-lifting. But, instead Tom went after these folks. I told him he shouldn't do that and he told me that he had "gotten his fingers burned and learned his lesson." OK. Chalk it up to being a first-time candidate.

Then, it came out in the Dallas Morning news that Tom had been a prostitute. Tom had certainly not told me this. But, then, I had met him twice and had two or three phone conversations with him. So, I wasn't surprised was not part of his inner circle.

I counselled Tom that he either had to get out of the race or get his money in right-away and get some prominent Dallasites who had known him for at least five years to vouch for him. He would need even more money than before and without the money and the character references, he would not get Democratic support because many felt that he had lied to them about his background and they were bracing for more shoes to drop. I told him it was unlikely he would be able to raise the money. But, trying to raise it would allow him to gauge if he had any real support.

When Tom could not raise the needed money or get his friends to stand up for him publicly, I suggested again that he withdraw and even got commitments from a number of well-known Dallas Democrats that they would stand up with him when he withdrew and help him to save face and some dignity so that he could get on with his life.

My fear is that Tom will be viciously savaged by Republicans in the general election, Tom will have no money and therefore be defenseless, and the entire Democratic Party ticket will be dragged down by a Republican smear campaign claiming that all Democrats are immoral. I told this to Tom.

Unfotrunately, instead of looking at this election rationally, Tom has been going on national media and anywhere else he can find an audience to justify his actions, attack local Democrats, and claim that he ran as a former prostitute with the full knowledge of Stonewall Democrats officers and Harryette Ehrhardt.

Here are some of the claims that he made February 28th on The Michaelangelo Signorile Show on Sirius Radio (You can click the links below to hear the sound bytes or the entire segment on the Signorile Show):

  • Tom Malin claims he told Stonewall about his background before they endorsed him. (All evidence points to this not being true.)
  • Tom Malin claims he told Harryette Ehrhardt he is a former prostitute and she said it would be OK to run. (I talked to Harryette. She told me she did not say this. I believe Harryette.)
  • Tom Malin has been making allegations against local Democratic Party and club leaders. (This is inept for a candidate at best and a big problem since I can find no evidence to support his claims.)
  • Tom Malin claims he is still endorsed by the Dallas Morning News. (The Dallas Morning News withdrew their endorsement. They have not reinstated it.)
  • Tom claims to be a consummate politician and then states for the record that there's nothing wrong with prostitution.
  • Tom Malin associates himself with Laura Bush, Betty Ford, and claims he has more support from Republicans than Democrats. (Could it be the Republicans want him to win the primary so they can attack him as soon as the primary is over?)

While I am concerned about Tom and hope he weathers this, the bottom line for me is this:

In this case, what is good for the party is also good for Tom.

The only option open for Tom is to withdraw, and short of that, to be defeated in the primary.

Politics is often not fair. We can be compassionate with Tom but we must also protect our party and do what is in Tom's best interest even if he doesn't see it that way at this time.

The last thing we need is Tom Malin on the campaign trail, being viciously attacked. He has only been sober for three or four years and the stress of the campaign would challenge the sobriety of anyone with his history. It is simply too risky for Tom and for the party.

Please vote against Tom Malin in the Democratic Primary on March 7th.