We need a candidate for the U. S. Sentate that will be out on the campaign trail building support for the Democratic Party ticket.

That candidate is Barbara Radnofsky. The 23rd Senatorial District Convention voted a resolution in support of Barbara due to the critical nature of her campaign and the total unsuitability of her opponent to be our nominee on the November ballot.

We received a message from Boyd Richie and publish it here:

Boyd Richie endorses the plan to help Barbara Radnofsky win the April 11th primary.

We can help Barbara Ann Radnofsky win the runoff April 11. We can't let a fraud using a deceased entertainer's name rob us of a chance to win a U.S. Senate race.

There are five specific things to do:

  1. At our County or Senatorial District Conventions a speaker can call on all of us to stand in support of Barbara Ann Radnofsky to be our US Senate nominee.
  2. The Party rules do not allow a Party convention to formally endorse a candidate in the Primary. However, like the SDEC, nothing prevents any convention attendees from showing their support for Radnofsky. We also need to notify any local media outlets that you have taken this action so that this word will spread across Texas.
  3. After Saturday each of us need to mail the linked Democratic Friends letter to 15 to 20 of our Democratic voters.
  4. After Saturday each of us need to phone 15 to 20 Democratic friends to be sure they vote in the April 11thDemocratic runoff for Barbara Ann Radnofsky for U.S.Senate.
  5. After Saturday each of us needs to forward the Democratic Friends letter to our email lists.
  6. After Saturday, if we have access to Democratic or group newsletters that publish before April 11th, you can put something in them reminding Democrats to vote for Barbara Ann Radnofsky for U.S. Senate.

Gene Kelly has used the name of a dead dancer to take nominations and give offices to the Republicans before. This cannot be permitted this time!

Whomever you back for Texas Democratic Chairman I ask you to perform each of these five steps to insure that Barbara Ann Radnofsky is the Texas Democratic Nominee for U.S.Senate.

Boyd Richie
SD 30 Committeeman