View Article  It is critical that Barbara Radnofsky be our nominee for the U. S. Senate

We need a candidate for the U. S. Sentate that will be out on the campaign trail building support for the Democratic Party ticket.

That candidate is Barbara Radnofsky. The 23rd Senatorial District Convention voted a resolution in support of Barbara due to the critical nature of her campaign and the total unsuitability of her opponent to be our nominee on the November ballot.

We received a message from Boyd Richie and publish it here:

Boyd Richie endorses the plan to help Barbara Radnofsky win the April 11th primary.

We can help Barbara Ann Radnofsky win the runoff April 11. We can't let a fraud using a deceased entertainer's name rob us of a chance to win a U.S. Senate race.

There are five specific things to do: ...

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View Article  Boyd Richie for Texas Democratic Party Chair
I am endorsing Boyd Richie for Texas Democratic Party Chair.

Boyd Richie is best suited by background, experience, personality, and temperament to lead the Texas Democratic Party through the next critical years as we gain strength through the 2006, 2008, and 2010 elections.

To learn more about Boyd, go to

Geoff Staples
Democratic Precinct Chair
Dallas County, Texas Precinct 1234   more »
View Article  Senatorial Convention - Saturday March 25th
All resolutions on this website and several others were passed at the Precinct Convention Marcth 7th.

The Senate District 23 Convention will be held at Carter High School on Saturday March 25th at 9:00AM

819 West Wheatland Rd, Dallas

Click here for a map and driving directions from Lemmon Ave & Turtle Creek Blvd.
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View Article  Abortion Resolution

WHEREAS most Americans believe abortion should be safe, legal, and rare; and

BE IT RESOLVED that Pro-Life Democrats and Pro-Choice ...   more »

View Article  Resolution in support of the "Medicare for All" Bill

WHEREAS over 47 million Americans do not have health insurance; and

WHEREAS health care is a human right; and

WHEREAS ...   more »

View Article  Excellent Public Education
(To be proposed at the Demcoratic Party Precinct Convetion for Precinct 1234 - March 7th)

WHEREAS the United States ranks ...   more »
View Article  Martin Luther King Election Day
(To be proposed at the Demcoratic Party Precinct Convetion for Precinct 1234 - March 7th)

WHEREAS Marting Luther King worked for the enfranchisement of all people in the United States;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the ...   more »
View Article  International Election Standards and Monitoring
(To be proposed at the Demcoratic Party Precinct Convetion for Precinct 1234 - March 7th)

WHEREAS the public has lost confidence in election results in the United States due to irregularities in Florida, Ohio, and ...   more »
View Article  Voting Machines
(To be proposed at the Demcoratic Party Precinct Convetion for Precinct 1234 - March 7th)

WHEREAS, a voter-verified paper audit trail is the only known way to guarantee that a voter's vote has been both ...   more »
View Article  Death Penalty Moratorium

(Courtesy American Psychological Association)

WHEREAS recent empirical research reviewing all death penalty cases in the United States concluded that two ...   more »

View Article  Impeach George W. Bush and Richard Cheney

(Courtesy, Democrats Abroad, France)

WHEREAS, the Bush/Cheney Administration has proven that it cannot competently manage the affairs of State;

WHEREAS, ...   more »

View Article  Hate Crimes and Same-Sex Relationship Rights

(To be proposed at the Demcoratic Party Precinct Convetion for Precinct 1234 - March 7th)

WHEREAS, members of the lesbian and gay community continue to be targets of discrimination; and
 WHEREAS, such discrimination is ...   more »
View Article  Election Day Holiday

(To be proposed at the Demcoratic Party Precinct Convetion for Precinct 1234 - March 7th)

WHEREAS, the U.S. Constitution gives ...   more »

View Article  Universal Single-Payer Health Care

(To be proposed at the Demcoratic Party Precinct Convetion for Precinct 1234 - March 7th)

WHEREAS, Texans want business to ...   more »

View Article  What's a Precinct Convention and Why Should I Participate?

(Courtesy of Park Cities / Central Dallas Democrats)

The 411


Any individual living in that precinct who has voted ...   more »

View Article  Remove U.S. Troops and Civilians from Iraq

(To be proposed at the Demcoratic Party Precinct Convetion for Precinct 1234 - March 7th)

WHEREAS, the current Presidential Administration ...   more »

View Article  Endorsements from your precinct chair - Democratic Precinct 1234

Don't forget to vote Tuesday March 7th at NORTH DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL and be sure to attend the precinct convention. Polls open at 7:00AM. Polls close at 7:00PM. The precinct convention starts at 7:15PM.

Endorsements from the Precinct 1234 Chair

U.S. Sen. Barbara Ann Radnofsky -
U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson -
Gov. Chris Bell -   more »

View Article  Why Tom Malin must go

Tom Malin will hurt the Democratic Party and hurt himself if he wins the Democratic Primary on March 7th. He won't withdraw. So, we must vote against him on Tueday so that he will not be a target for the Republicans that will drag down our entire ticket in November.

Below you will find audio files (available for podcasting as well) from a recent radio show on which Tom was a guest that will substantiate my reasons we need Tom Malin off the Democratic Party ticket. ...

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